Mentoring Services


Today’s computing environments are complicated.  They need to be.  And ‘googling’ or ‘youtubing’ quick fixes for issues at hand puts you at great risk.

Mentoring is extremely beneficial to those organizations that prefer to apply internal resources for the implementation of new technology.  Have Chalk IT guide your team with a needs focused approach and propel your IT project roll-out and maintenance forward.

Mentoring is considered by many to offer a higher return for your investment. Mentoring elevates your staff’s effectiveness by providing the thorough knowledge needed to complete necessary business tasks.

Technical discussion augmented by a professional presentation and useful, practical labs as opposed to the features oriented labs of off the shelf training.

The procedure includes deep technical discussion, starting from first principles and its mapping to your business processes. Q&A and practice through challenging technical labs again focused on the business need, under the tutelage of a Subject Matter Expert with significant presentation, training and practical experience.

If you are not getting the results you’ve expected from your support or training budgets, contact us.  Our experience, position and reputation is simply outstanding.

Chalk IT excels at empowering your success